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custom cabinets for commercial,
healthcare, and luxury homes

Specializing in manufacturing and installation of custom cabinets,
reception desks, and countertop solutions in Los Angeles.

NK Cabinets is a full service cabinet manufacturing and cabinet installer for your design or construction project. We work with General Contractors and Architects on medium to large-scale projects for healthcare, government, and landmark institutions. We serve the greater Los Angeles and Southern California areas.

Our expertise is in custom cabinets for Healthcare, Orthodontic, and Medical Cabinets design, fabrication, installation, and service. 

We welcome inquiries for estimates as well as bids for projects. 

high standards

NK Cabinets, Inc. is one of the few companies in the industries that has the capability to design, and fabricate all of their cabinets in-house, making it 100% made in the USA.

timely & accurate

We are experienced in meeting each milestone, and deadline in your project. We have state-of-art software to help keep our team organized and coordinated.


Our state-of-the-art software allows our team to efficiently collaborate, plan, and implement each job with precision and confidence.