NORIK Kagramanyan


Norik has been in the cabinet business for over 30 years, while being cooperative and loyal to his Father at the age of 12, Norik developed a passion for Cabinetry. His Father began teaching him everything that he knew from his 40 years experience in custom cabinetry. In 1983, he was accepted to Yerevan Order Of Red Banner Polytechnic Institute. In 1989, he completed the entire course of named institute on the specialty of Industrial and Civil Construction, and by the state examination commission, was recognized as an Engineer Constructor. Through his Father’s guidance and Norik’s hard work and creative mind, he accelerated his knowledge with such an amazing pace he was known as the most creative and caring cabinet maker. He then moved to California to expand his knowledge in the cabinet industry, he started to work in a small company in 1990 to get familiar with the new machinery. In a short period of time he opened up his own small cabinet shop. Norik stands out as a unique individual with hard work, dedication and consistency, Norik opened his own business in 1995. The most unique character of Norik is that every project that he has worked on, he treats it as if it where his own. Being that caring and creative person that he is, he set up his business according to his high standards and morals, which is customer satisfaction is always #1 on his list of priorities

Arno Yesayan


Arno Yesayan is a business enthusiast and self-made entrepreneur. His family immigrated to the United States in 1999 while Arno was still in high school. He quickly assimilated, and in 2008 he earned his bachelor of science degree in management from California State University at Northridge. 

Arno is also a disciplined student of karate – practicing diligently as a teen and into adulthood. In 2009 Arno won the “Sport Karate World Championship” – a top recognition in the karate sport division. 

In 2012, Arno saw potential for growth and diversification in NK Cabinets – his father-in-law’s 25 year old cabinetry manufacturing business. Arno took the initiative to develop a new business plan and a course of action to take the business to the next level within 5 years. 

All the while at NK Cabinets, Arno went from being a project manager to an estimator in 2013. And in 2014, he eventually managed all aspects of the family business from administrative to manufacturing and operations. With new contracts coming in, Arno needed a larger space and moved the company from a 3,000 square feet facility to an 11,000 square feet facility.  

In 2016 Arno eventually doubled the business’ facilities to 22,000 square feet as NK Cabinets continued to grow with added employees and large-scale contract jobs. Featured projects include clients such as UCLA Health, The Ronald Reagan Library, The Americana at Brand, and Viking. 

Now leading the way into 2020, Arno has expanded the cabinet business into an innovative new product, Panache – which will debut Fall of 2021. Panache will combine 30 years of custom dental cabinet experience into a high-end, pre-fabricated furniture line for dental offices. Panache features a unique modular system that fits into most dental office situations. 

Arno currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife and three sons.